February 9, 2011

Looking Back - Part 2

I am a recent May 2010 graduate from Rutgers University who was brought onto the Comrise team as a part of our LMP Class 1. I began my career here with Comrise learning the core of the staffing business as a recruiter. I then went on to further learn about Sales and Marketing. I primarily serve as the Marketing Associate along side as the Supplier Diversity Coordinator, Community Chair, and Business Development Associate. I enjoy serving in many areas within the company and find that working in all of these functions has allowed me to fully learn about the business world, staffing in specific.

A further look into what I’ve worked on while at Comrise:

- In the marketing arena, I currently carry out all marketing duties including: creating marketing material, website design, working closely with our e-marketing initiatives, etc.
- I fully embraced the importance of diversity and was given the privilege of attending the NMSCD Supplier Diversity Conference in Miami. I was able to leverage the contacts I made to build trustworthy and fruitful business relationships with Fortune 500 companies.
- I have also held many community events, including: a blood drive, toy drive, food drive, while many more community outreach events are on the way.
- With my sales activities, I was able bring in a new client, allowing Comrise to break into the European Market.

To read about Todd's experiences, please see Looking Back - Part 1.

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