February 9, 2011

1st LMP training week

My first week as a LMP associate was an eye opening experience with an intense training program; to effectively prepare me for my future career endeavors within Comrise. The staff and management took the time to instruct concise, informative lectures and programs. In the first week the conductor of the class was a former LMP associate, Todd Snider. He took on the challenge to revamp and extend the LMP program, while making it a more detailed training program. Our first week topics were the recruiting and sales process, a formal introduction to Comrise and effective candidate screening. As the weeks follow, I am looking forward to learning more about negotiation tactic, closing deals, time management and maintaining good relations with our clients.

The Comrise management team is also one of the warmest and kindest staffing team anyone could ever meet! Comrise has truly invested their time not only into their clients and consulting, but to their LMP associates as well. They prioritize solid relationship with their LMP associates because they truly want to see us succeed develop in our new careers here at Comrise.

P.S. The next LMP Class has a great path in front of them. No matter what they do, they will grow! No “mess-up” is a mistake…it’s a real life learning experience!

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