September 3, 2010

Sales 101

Sales has a bad reputation in the world of business. Sales associates have been stereotyped as people who could possibly go to the extent of selling their souls to make a sale.

The general manager of Comrise Technology, Thomas Liou, describes sales as the “frontline of the economy,” and a successful sales executive as “a facilitator between an opportunity and a candidate.” In more simpler terms, sales is merely the act of selling products and services in return for money – which is what the economy depends on!

The members of the Leadership in Training Program at Comrise Technology are quickly transitioning into the next rotation – Sales.
In our first training session we learned about the challenges and dynamics of sales. It is a discipline which requires innovative and benevolent individuals, who are prepared to lead fast-paced lives. The following are few points which can make a great recipe for success for great salesmen:

- Initiate: A good salesmen is one who takes the initiative to meet with clients for face-to-face meetings to not only build, but also maintain relationships.
- Driven: Sales is all results driven. The most motivated salesmen are ones with the drive and ambition to hit the target for success.
- Imagination: It is a salesmen’s instinct to find what their clients need, and not just sell something that’s on the plate. This leads into the next point…
- Work Ethic: A good salesmen’s self-confidence in their products and services, as well as their team, plays a key role at work. If salesmen do not have faith in their team or the products or service they are selling, they are bound to fail. Moreover, it is important to be honest and genuine with clients. The job of a salesman is not to fool clients into buying a product or service that needs to be sold, but to provide products or services which are needed by their clients!

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