September 15, 2010

Comrise Technology Consultant Reunion Dinner

Here at Comrise we believe in working hard, but this week we plan on playing just as hard! Comrise has planned a much-anticipated event this Thursday, September 16th. We wanted to acknowledge our consultants for their hard work and have organized a dinner and reunion for former consultants from two clients to show our appreciation. We’re looking forward to reconnecting with everyone, some of whom have worked with us way back in the early 90’s and some just more recently. We believe in investing in our consultants, for it is because all of them that we have been successful for 26 years, and going strong!

Things our guests can expect this Thursday:

- The best Chinese cuisine in the state of New Jersey
- An opportunity to network and reconnect with former colleagues
- Karaoke - a Comrise favorite!
- Most importantly, a night devoted to honoring your hard work

We look forward to seeing these consultants and having a memorable night! Stay tuned next week for an update on our event, and keep an eye out for similar ones in the future! We plan on including more of our former and current consultants in other industries and with other clients; our goal is to successfully treat every one of our consultants to their much deserved rewards.

See you there!

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