September 27, 2010

Comrise Blood Drive

Kindness is a language of its own that can be expressed in innumerable ways. Upon learning of the lack of blood units needed in the Hazlet community, Comrise immediately spoke the language of kindness by organizing a blood drive. Facts like every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood or how four lives can be saved by donating just one unit, truly encouraged many Comrise in-house employees to want to participate in the Comrise Blood Drive.

The blood drive was most definitely a big stride for Comrise in becoming a more active member in our Hazlet Community. We were successfully able to have 22 volunteers donate their time and in total collect 15 units of blood.


Despite the busy work, employees from management, recruiting, sales and our support staff took out the time to help our fellow community members in need. There was a certain sense of excitement in the air as my fellow colleagues along with our neighboring companies lined up outside the Central Jersey Blood Truck waiting for their turn to donate.

The Comrise Blood Drive is certainly only the beginning of our charitable acts in our community. Look out for our further opportunities to participate in our Hazlet Township Community in the next months to come. We encourage all of our past and current consultants to join us in our commitment to our community.

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