August 1, 2011


It's all over the news. HSBC is planning on laying off 30,000 people worldwide. Merck has announced plans to lay off about 12,000. Whether due to actual budgetary issues or perceived threats imposed by changing economic climates, companies are shedding jobs left and right. And of course, all the while U.S. economic growth is still slow, the market is still recovering from the downturn, and all too many American workers are unemployed or undemployed.

While Comrise is always working to find appropriate jobs for qualified job-seekers, 42,000 newly laid-off job-seekers is too much even for us to handle all at once. Folks who find themselves in this unfortunate situation (or fear they may shortly) should remember to check out Comrise's Career Advice Center, full of handy (free!) tips for job-seekers. If it's been a long time since you've had to update your résumé, don't worry - you can find plenty of information and advice regarding résumés, interviewing, and the job search process in general. And for those who're still working currently, it never hurts to have your resume up-to-date.

We sincerely hope that everyone reading this never has to worry about "cost-cutting", "downsizing", "restructuring", or any of the like. But if you're looking for your next opportunity, voluntarily or otherwise, Comrise is here to help. Good hunting!

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