August 15, 2011

The Era of Big Data Is Here

We live in a constantly evolving IT landscape, and one of the most exciting recent developments is undoubtedly the complete explosion of data.

With the emergence of ever-more sophisticated and powerful technologies, businesses and organizations of all types have access to an unprecedented amount of raw data. The ability to efficiently process and analyze these massive amounts of data and to implement applications previously thought to be impractical has enormous implications for addressing some of science and society’s most pressing challenges.

Yet many organizations are struggling with their inability to process all the information available to them in order unlock its full potential. They must first implement the tools that will allow them to manage their data in useful ways. They must first confront what has come to be known as the Big Data Problem.

Comrise is poised to be part of the solution. That is why we are especially excited to announce a new partnership with HPCC Systems, a leading open source, high performance computing cluster platform used to solve customers’ Big Data problems. HPCC’s unique architecture and simple yet powerful data programming language (ECL) makes it a very attractive solution to companies worldwide.

As an HPCC Systems Partner, Comrise is leveraging its global network of talent and resources to provide HPCC-based business solutions to our domestic and global customers—allowing them to unlock the full spectrum of HPCC-related services, such as HPCC Consultation, ECL Training and Implementations, and 24x7 HPCC Support.

For more about HPCC and how Comrise can provide you with the tools and talent to help you unlock its full potential, visit our new partner page at

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