July 15, 2011

The Heat Is On....

Like the temperature outside, the competition for the top IT talent continues to heat up this summer.

A recent survey of hiring managers and HR professionals shows an increase in the percentage of employers who plan to engage contingent workers to meet their hiring needs in the second half of 2011--up to 12% from a reported 9% one year ago. Moreover, a full 50% of employers pointed to a current shortage of skills within their own organizations--citing the most acute needs in the areas of information technology, customer service, and communications.

The race for the most skilled IT professionals is on. And Comrise is poised to help you navigate this marketplace to find the best fit for your skills. Whether your expertise is Java, SEO, or .Net, our seasoned team of recruiters can help you find your ideal job today.

Visit our job board to see all the latest openings for IT positions such as these--among many others. We look forward to working with you to take the next step on your desired career path.

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