August 10, 2010

A True Summer Internship Experience

I just wrapped up my summer internship here at Comrise, and as I brainstormed what to write in my last blog post (spontaneous writing is not my forte), I had trouble settling on one topic since I was so intent on finding one that would allow me to create the perfect, final entry. If you recall, last time I wrote a post, the Comrise team had just come together to work on several particularly difficult job reqs, so it was simple for me to choose something to write about. As luck would have it, however, the Comrise team came together once again last week, and even if the occasion doesn't lead me to write the perfect post, at least I'm staying consistent with the underlying themes of unity and togetherness.

This past week, we had our Town Hall, and it was the first time I saw all the Comrise employees gather in one setting. The topic of discussion centered around what our Comrise culture was and what we wanted it to be going forward. A Town Hall, in its traditional sense, is generally known to be an opportunity to vent any frustrations and offer suggestions for improvement, so not surprisingly, I expected to see just that in our meeting. However, this was not the case. As we went around to share thoughts, some praised their fellow colleagues for their contributions, some explained how they pitched our close-knit culture to other companies as a key differentiator, and some simply expressed how grateful they were for everything Comrise offers its employees. Sure, we all recognized that we faced significant challenges in our industry, with the economic situation, various governmental reforms, and the competitive landscape, but we were optimistic--optimistic that our culture and the way we operated would lead to success. "We are in it to win it," our manager repeated.

I am not saying that Comrise is perfect; we have our share of problems like anyone else. The difference is that we as employees, no matter our rank or job title, can voice our concerns freely, and our management cares enough to resolve them as quickly as humanly possible. It's not uncommon to see our manager or other directors walk around the office and ask how everyone is doing and how they can be of service to us. Because of this, we can share our problems as they come; we don't need to wait for a Town Hall to throw out suggestions and frustrations, and that's likely why our meeting went as smoothly as it did.

The Town Hall was a truly humbling experience and the perfect way to end my internship. I felt privileged to have spent my summer at a place where I could apply my knowledge and have ownership over my projects. A place where I was mentored and allowed to mentor. A place where I was challenged and pushed to think. And of course, a place where I could laugh, joke around, and have a good time. For all this, I thank the Comrise family for daring to invest in me as an intern, for patiently watching me learn and guiding me along the way, and for giving me the opportunity to use my skills and experience to excel. Thank you, Comrise.

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  1. Julie was most definitely a treasured asset to Comrise Technology as she is now off to Paris to study abroad. Our interns efforts are greatly appreciated and Comrise Technology makes it a point to let everyone's voice be heard. Julie has indeed set the bar high for future interns to come, but here are a few things we are looking for:

    -Hard Working

    Have a safe trip Julie and stay in touch!!