August 22, 2010

Job-Sectors with Recession-Proof Pay

I was passed along this article by a colleague last week about 5 job-sectors for which the average salary barely dips, in other words is "recession-proof." With the economic recovery slowly but surely occurring, this article could be valuable resource to both recent graduates who have entered the job-market and unsure about which industry to target, as well as professionals with past work-experience in different industries, perhaps thinking about a career change.

As for the professionals already working in the job-sectors listed below, well it seems like you made the right decision (based on upon average salary trends in a strong vs. weak economy).

According to Yahoo Finance, the 5 industries that "recession-proof" pay are 1) Healthcare 2) Government 3) Military 4) Accounting and 5) Information Technology.

If a recession-proof salary is what you're after, consider these industries for your new career path. And specifically for the professionals within the IT world, you can view Comrise' IT job openings here

Here's the link to the complete article


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