July 23, 2010

“You’re going to be a recruiter? You’re going to be GOD!”

A few weeks ago when a recruiter called me, I didn’t like them! I felt like they were lying to me about jobs, or finding ways to trick me into paying them; I just did not trust their motives. I didn’t think they cared enough to actually screen my credentials to find me job.

I was one of the many students ready to graduate, but without a job opportunity to secure my future. I was one of the many who felt the stress and pressure of unemployment. I was one of them few weeks ago… and then I got a call from Comrise Technology!

When I shared the news with one my friends and described my role in the company her reaction was, “You’re going to be a recruiter? You’re going to be GOD!” I obviously laughed at the time, but at the end of my second work-week I realize that being a recruiter is no joke. We are not here to cheat anyone. We, as recruiters, are just doing our job and helping others get jobs – it’s that simple. However, the process isn’t.

My second week started this Monday with a recruiter training session, which briefed us about sourcing and finding candidates. The following days of the week I practiced sourcing which included identifying candidates who matched the job requirements, screening them, and following up with my senior recruiters. I felt the pressure of the industry when I just couldn’t find the right candidates who matched the requirements, didn’t call back or respond to my email, or had an amazing resume but no contact information. And finally on Friday I managed to forward some good candidates to my seniors, which felt like a big achievement and definitely prepared me for the weeks to come.

Lessons learned so far:
  • Understand the job requirement and job boards.
  • When in doubt, just ask.
  • Work SMART, not hard!
  • ...and we are not God, not trying to be; we’re just trying to help.

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