July 19, 2010

Game-Changing Technology

According to the Macmillan Dictionary, "game-changing" is defined as completely changing the way that something is done, thought about, or made. As a sports fan, when I hear the term "game-changing," I think of an interception in an NFL game, a home-run in a MLB game, and a steal in a NBA game, because of each these events can have an instant impact on the outcome of the game (of course depending on how competitive the game actually is.)

Likewise as technology continues to expand its presence in our personal and work life through things like the iPad and Smart Phones, there are a distinct set of technologies that have evolved and will now lead the way for how we communicate and interact with technology in years to come.

Here is a link to an article written by an Instructor for Global Knowledge about ten IT technologiesthat have proven to be  "Game Changers." 

What are your thoughts about these "Game Changers." Do you think there are any other technologies that should be included in the Top 10 ? Leave us a comment...

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