July 1, 2010

A Recruiter's Insight on "Recruiting"

We thought it would be a great idea for our readers to hear from one of our recruiters on a more personal level. Here is a short, informal Q&A with Senior Technical Recruiter Tony DiGiovanni.

  1. Why should a candidate work with a recruiter throughout his/her new job search?

    As we all know, presently the job market is a crazy competitive place. That understood, I feel it is essential for candidates to create relationships with certain recruiters. I will define “certain” as people who have an excellent reputation as pertains to professionalism. Candidates for the most part get absolutely flooded with inquires from many kinds of agencies (both contract and fulltime). It is the candidates’ advantage to deal with the recruiter to obtain an edge in regards to the position. A good recruiter will have knowledge of both the job and the client. It is much more advantageous to the candidate to work with the recruiter as opposed to just submitting to various online systems where resumes do not always get reviewed. We are the “pushers” in the process along with account managers to convince a client to review, interview and eventually hire a strong candidate.

  2. Why do you think recruiters get a bad rep?

    We get bad reps from the unethical recruiters that are in this business. I can go on here, but in short there are many unethical practices, for example - lack of respect and consideration for the best interest of the candidates. The bottom line is that it will eventually catch up to those who act unethically, and the ones who don’t will reap the benefits of dealing with more of the quality candidates and clients that are out there.

  3. What is your favorite part about being a recruiter?

    I have to say the best part about being a recruiter right up there on the same level of earning a living is the fact that you are helping people make and secure one of the bigger decisions they have in life. This of course relates more to the full time side as opposed to the contract side, however there is still a rush of putting together the deal and bringing it from start to finish and then getting the rewards both monetary and professionally! There really is nothing better….in my opinion.
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