September 6, 2012

Web and IT Jobs: Tips for Successful Outsourcing

There are many benefits to moving a businesses website development or other IT jobs offshore and with today's economy it can also be a very smart decision.  When thinking about outsourcing your work to another country you can be sure that many of the problems experienced in the past will be the same as those that keep coming up for you today.  We can learn from past mistakes as well as success stories and we would be wise to research common pitfalls prior to actually outsourcing any work. While outsourcing can bring substantial savings, those gains can be wiped out in an instant because a project was not clearly defined at the onset.

Managing offshore projects will require a unique set of preparations in order to head off any potential problems.  First being the most obvious and that is to become familiar with the country and culture where you will be doing business.  Becoming informed can range from reading anything you can find on the internet or at the library to taking a course designed specifically for those needing to learn about a specific culture. You can be sure that any investment of your time or money in this area will bring you a great return.
Another area in which special attention should be paid is in the matter of good communication.  Having someone available that can help with any language barriers would be wise, especially when the project is new. Insuring that the flow of communication is efficient and reliable is the best way to avoid misunderstandings.  Constant monitoring and quality control will be more important when dealing with offshore projects because problems may not be reported due to cultural pressures to perform or avoid failure of any kind. Staying in the loop as much as possible will help prevent the possibility of unforeseen problems.

When managing offshore projects it is more important than ever to get it in writing.  By adhering to strict guidelines in this regard you can expect the added benefit of an accountable workforce.  There will never be room for assumptions and someone will always be accountable.  Make doubly sure that your expectations are also clearly defined and confirm understanding as many times as necessary.  Of course, work that is very complicated or that needs extra attention will not be as successfully outsourced as work that is consistent in nature.

By adhering to these common-sense guidelines we are confident that you find your outsourcing experience to be a positive and rewarding endeavor.

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