September 14, 2012

IT Jobs: Where They Are & How To Secure One

In the world of Internet Technology jobs, the experts are forecasting continued and sustained growth.  The Bureau of Labor and Statistics has estimated the rate of growth at over 20%.  While some occupations may outpace others, overall the IT jobs market looks very good indeed.
To monitor this growth, here are some jobs that you might want to follow:
  • Systems Analysts
  • Database Administrators
  • Help Desk & Support
  • Programmers and Developers
  • IT Managers 
Some people believe that the Bureau of Labor and Statistics' projections are on the conservative side.  However, due to the constant changing of the IT field, an accurate forecast can be a challenge.
Once you have decided on a specific occupation, it might be helpful to know just where these jobs are being created. recently published a list of "The Best Cities For Finding IT Jobs In 2012".  You will find that the list consists of large cities but depending on your job choice, location may not be a concern.  More often today, IT jobs can be performed from home and your decision about where to live will be entirely your own.

Most "tips for job hunting success" are well known.  From cleaned up, professional resumes to personal video presentations.  There are however, a few areas in which you would be well served to focus.
  • Make sure that all your personal websites are presentable and appropriate.  Hiring Managers have learned to find these sites no matter how well you might think they are hidden.  Don't take the chance that a questionable site could be discovered. 
  • You may have heard it before but you can never say it too often, check your spelling, grammar, capitalization and punctuation.  Remember them and check them often.  Find an expert if necessary. 
  • Always follow-up on your resume.  Place a call and display your communication skills.  Send an email and show off your business letter writing skills.  Do not let your potential employer think you are no longer interested. 
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