March 7, 2011

A Small Contribution Can Go a Long Way

The month of February was definitely a short but very successful month for Comrise as our in-house employees participated in our first ever food drive. Whether it was picking up some extra food at the supermarket or sacrificing some goods from home, everyone was able to contribute to a greater cause.

That’s the culture at Comrise. We care about each other. We are rather fortunate to have satisfying jobs, to be able to provide for ourselves and families that being able to share a little bit of our gratefulness in the form of canned goods here and there is barely a sacrifice. This encouraged us to devote all 28 days of February to promote the Comrise Food Drive (in partnership with Monmouth Ocean County Food Bank).

Just when Monmouth Ocean County's pantry was down to just a few cans, Comrise stepped up at just the right time to fully stock the pantry now with an abundant supply of food for our fellow Hazlet Community Members. From healthy pastas to canned goods to pudding- we got something that caters to everyone.

By participating in the Food Drive, Comrise learned that great results only come through proper team work and we look forward to applying that lesson in all of our work related activities.

Take a look at our donations:

Stay tuned for our next community event!

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