March 30, 2011

Comrise Facebook Riddle Contest

Comrise is a huge fan of riddles. While sharing them amongst ourselves internally, we thought why not extend this out to our consultants and fans of our Facebook page. Since Comrise likes to reward, we would like to announce our Facebook Riddle Contest to all of you.

Riddle: You are given two empty jars and 100 marbles (50 red, 50 blue) to distribute however you like between the two jars. After you assign the marbles, you will be blindfolded, the marbles will be randomized within each jar, and you will pick one marble from one jar (without knowing which jar it is). With what distribution of marbles can you maximize your chances of picking a red marble?

Step 1: Become a fan of our Comrise Facebook page by “Liking” us
Step 2: Feel free to comment about the Riddle on our Facebook page
Step 3: Be sure to email: your answer
Step 4: If your answer is correct, you will be in the running to win $100
Step 4: We will contact the winner by May 1st at the latest and send you your $100 AMEX Gift Card.

Deadline: May 1, 2011

We look forward to getting your responses and be sure to visit Facebook Comrise to learn more.

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