June 11, 2010

Our Continued Experience with Comrise

Hi my name is Mansi Patel and I am a fresh graduate from Rutgers University. I graduated with a degree in Communication and Psychology as I humbly find myself in the staffing industry. My previous internships have allowed me to walk into Comrise Technology's doors with some experience on my back. I spent one year at Masala Communications as the PR/ Marketing Intern and later almost ten months at Liz Claiborne Inc. as their Corporate Communications Intern.

After a well developed first week of training here at Comrise Technology, our more experienced recruiters allowed us to dive right into the most basic aspect of recruiting: sourcing and screening candidates. It is fascinating to now know the number of details that are considered in finding exactly what our clients are looking for. It was just yesterday that my recruiter and I submitted my first candidate (QA/UAT Tester); we are confident that our client will see the same potential in her as we did.

I think many of my colleagues can agree that Comrise Technology seems to offer a certain sense of satisfaction upon completing our workday. Not every young adult gets to say that they not only have a job themselves, but also played a major role in finding someone else a job. I am excited to see Comrise Technology grow in this turbulent economy and rise to exceed it’s perceived potential.

Check in next week to hear more about our progression with the company as LMP Associates!!

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