June 4, 2010

Leadership and Training Program Begins

Hello my name is Dhawal – In terms of my educational background, I attended Rutgers University in NJ with a focus on Economics. Prior to this I attended Babson College in Wellesley, MA with a large portion of coursework in Finance and Entrepreneurship. I formerly have had experiences within the Financial Services, IT and Sales sectors which I have greatly enjoyed. I recently became a part of the Leadership in Training Program at Comrise and just on the fourth day, I feel that I am already immersed in the company’s motivated team environment.

The entrepreneurial and diverse community of Comrise has proven to be a good fit for me thus far. The learning curves for the industry as well as the operational components of the company itself are high in many ways. However, the accelerated nature of the program definitely makes it interesting to constantly be learning more. The in-depth exposure to the industry has been quite useful so far and the very approachable management team has also helped extensively along the way.

The first week has had more of an emphasis on ensuring that a fundamental grasp is made on factors such as industry data and internal details regarding the company as well as the program structure. Nonetheless, the Leadership and Training team has already started researching potential international clients while simultaneously expanding our knowledge of the industry and its many competitors. Definitely looking forward to future weeks - Stay tuned for additional blog posts as I get a bit more acclimated with the company!

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