August 23, 2012

Dressing for a Job Interview

Once you get an interview, it's crucial to be prepared.  First impressions, which are largely formed by how you are dressed and the first few seconds of interaction with you, go a long way in determining if you're a good fit for the company and that isn't any different for people who are seeking IT jobs.
While it may be common sense to dress nicely for a job interview, that definition will vary from person to person.  So here are some solid guidelines to use when selecting what to wear and how to physically present yourself for the interview:
  • Dark, conservative suits are best.  Think navy, black, dark browns, or grey.  It must be freshly pressed.  No wrinkles.  For women a classic suit still suits best, but you don't need to be boring- you can add a scarf or small belt to show a little color and personality.
  • For men: A solid colored tie or simple patterned.  Too many patterns will distract from your message.
  • Dark shoes and socks.  If you think they won't see your socks- you're wrong!  Many interviewers pay attention to the details.
  • Get a hair cut.  A freshly groomed appearance is important.
  • For men: Shave your facial hair.  Some of this will simply be knowing the company you're applying for, but if the company is conservative, you're going to want to shave your beard and mustache.
  • No excessive jewelry.  For men: take out earrings and take off necklaces.  For women, keep your ear piercings to just one.  
  • Shine your shoes.  Saying you're detail oriented is one thing, showing it through your appearance is another.  For women: keep the show simple and comfortable.  Nothing is worse than tripping over yourself as you reach to shake the hand of your interviewer.
  • Your nails should be trimmed and clean.  Again, it's all about the details.  For women: keep the polish simple and classic, and the length appropriate.  Having extremely long nails is distracting.
Following these basic tips will make certain that you stand out in a positive way, and help the interviewer focus on your qualifications and not your outlandish outfit.  For more information on how to stand out in your interview, please contact us today!

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