July 26, 2012

Embracing the All-Important "Company Culture"

Gone are the days when trying to a fill opening was almost a fixed process of matching qualifications to the job description at hand.Today, it’s vitally important to bring on-board new hires who have the potential to add that Extra Something to the company culture. 

For sure, and according to a post by Deborah Shane, “6 Intangibles Make You a Premium,” on the SmallBizTrends.com, it takes more than matching up skills and experience in this job market.

“Companies...are not just hiring bodies anymore... The right people, the best personalities for the culture, who not only have the skills but bring the intangibles that can impact that culture, are getting hired.”

Shane bolsters her point-of-view with several references to what other companies are doing to balance their hiring dynamics to include applicants exhibiting strong, team player attributes.

A summary of her “6” intangibles include:

“Adaptability:”   Call it ‘flexibility’ or a ‘willingness’ to embrace change, but the key here is the all-important attitude.

“Works Well with Others:” The workplace is diverse, once you include “people of differing generations, cultures and demographics...” To be a real Team contributor takes a blending of skills, including the ability to “listen” and “motivate” others.

“Leadership and Initiative:” Shane points to the TV series, “Undercover Boss” as an example of employees taking on exceptional roles of ownership of their duties within a company.

“Multi-Tasker:”  Forget about the Me-First persona, and take-on multiple duties as they come your way; more importantly, show a willingness to do more than your asked.

“Open-Mindedness:” Accepting new methods and ways of doing things is vital to the company culture “to do whatever it takes, to do the job.”

“Positivity:” Simply put, it’s important to leave one’s personal trials and tribulations at home; show up for work with “a positive attitude of gratitude.”

If you’re looking for that just-right IT professional, please contact us. It’s our goal to develop an understanding of your culture, then present professionals that will fit in your environment.

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