January 31, 2011

100 - Our Lucky Number!

Social media is everywhere, quite literally. Comrise has fully embraced social media and is looking to broaden our online community. By February, our goal is to have 100 Fans on Facebook. One person will be drawn as a winner and we are always looking to show our gratefulness to our community members.

Facebook, serves as a vital information portal for Comrise where you can learn about Comrise the company, Comrise the culture, events, news and so much more. Take a moment to "Like" us on Facebook and take a peek around our profile. We always have a lot of exciting events and news to share you. Plus, stay tune for more fun contests to come!

Help us reach our "100 Fans" goal, by the end of this week one of our fans will be winning a $100. Only 9 more fans away from a winner!

Click on the link below and “Like” our fan page!

Comrise on Facebook

1 comment:

  1. Wow!! Looks like we got 100+ fans on our Facebook profile page. Thank you everyone for taking the time to visit our online information portal. We are excited to work with a larger online community, as we have a lot more Comrise news, events and culture to share with you.

    Stay tune for the winner...!