November 23, 2010

Potluck / International Thanksgiving - November 18, 2010

Last Thursday, Comrise held its annual Potluck/International Thanksgiving day at the office in recognition of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, and also to celebrate the diversity within the Comrise team.

Each employee brought in a choice dish or dessert that was either prepared by themselves, bought from a bakery, or even prepared by a friend/family member (well, I guess that is the category I fall under).

The lunch included everything from traditional Chinese food to Hungarian food (Goulash).

For dessert, there was Tiramisu, fresh-baked cookies, and the fan-favorite Brooklyn cannolis.

Other items on the menu:

Indian - Chicken Biryani, Kachori, Samosas, Dhum Aloo, Lamb Seekh
Polish - Kielbasa
Italian - Vegetable Lasagna, Goat Cheese & Pesto Pasta,
Miscellaneous: Sweet Potato Crisp, Fresh Mozzarella, Broccoli & Cheese Casserole

A very special thanks to each Comrise employee for their efforts in making this year's Potluck/ International Thanksgiving Day a memorable and delicious event.

Looking forward to another great event in 2011!

Want to see pictures posted from the event? Visit our Facebook Page for the complete album

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